Dermamour Spot Lightening Cream

Skin is the strongest organ of a human body; unlike other body organs it is directly exposed to damaging rays of sun and dust. Acne scars, and blemishes are not the only problems, uneven skin tone and dark spots is also a problem that needs immediate attention. Traditionally, people use make up products like foundations and correctors to deal with irregular and dark skin spots. However, latest advances in beauty industry have led to advanced spot lightening products that can safely standardize, clarify, and enhance skin complexion. Yet! There is a problem that all skin lightening creams are not healthy and recommended to be used. Available creams in the market do clear the spots but do not regenerate or moisturize the skin which eventually fastens the skin damaging process. Dermamour Spot Lightening cream has all the natural ingredients along with moisturizing components.

(Available in 30 ml).

Product Description

This product is free of mercury which means it is entirely nontoxic. Not all skin lightening creams will have the same effect on all skin types. But there is a wide variety of natural ingredients in these products that are suitable for most skin types. Bearberry Extract the most popular ingredient dominates the market for diminishing dark spots. Vitamin E and Olive Oil present in the product protects the skin from sun damage and other environmental damages. Dermamour Spot Lightening Cream is naturally formed for every single woman who intends to get a fresh and glowing skin. The product aims to give you smooth and brighter skin and lessens your dark spots.

Whether you need to lighten freckles, hyper pigmentation or age spots, Dermamour Spot lightening cream is your right choice as we stay distant from hydroquinone bleaching creams that damages the skin and make it look darker even more than before.


Lighten dark spots using natural ingredients.

Effective and inexpensive compared to other spot lightening treatments.

Variety of antioxidants and vitamins nourishes and treats the spot without drying.

Safe and Natural, it is free of mercury which means it is entirely nontoxic.

Key Ingredients

Bees wax, Coconut oil Fatty acid, Aloe Vera, Tween 80, Nutmeg extract, Emulsifying wax, Bearberry extract, Olive oil, Xanthan Gum, Thyme, Fermented sugar, Vitamin E, Glycerine (vegetable source), Comfrey extract, Cyclomethicone, Germal, Borax, EDTA, Natural Orange Essence.