Dermamour Oil Free Moisturizer

Most of us have this misconception that one should not apply moisturizer if our skin is oily. As said, this is a misconception! Even people with oily skin need to moisturize in order to get hydrated and healthy looking skin. People with oily skin, it’s time to leave your worries as Dermamour Moisturizer is here to help you deal with your moisturizing issues. Freely use a moisturizer even if you have oily skin because Dermamour Oil Free Moisturizer is highly compatible with oily skin and it seep perfectly into the skin. Oil Free Moisturizer is an essential part of the Dermamour system, it is a skin care regimen that helps reveal a more beautiful and healthy skin. This product is the final step of the routine because even the oily skin may lack adequate hydration, which can lead the skin to produce more sebum. This lightweight, quick-absorbing formula soothes the skin while restoring moisture to provide balanced hydration.

(Available in 50 ml).

Product Description

Dermamour Oil Free Moisturizer contains natural ingredients providing many benefits to skin. Particularly, the magic of Aloe Vera makes skin softer. Also the natural astringent properties of aloe Vera absorb access oil; sebum and dirt form the skin pores leaving it clean and clear. Dermamour Oil Free Moisturizer is rich with vitamin E, which actually protect your skin against harmful radicals. It works as a protective barrier against pollutants and antioxidants.

Skin, especially face plays a very important role when it comes to our appearance. By using this product your skin will look fresh and healthy in a few days, unlike other moisturizers this product will not give you a glossy look.


Soothes the skin while restoring moisture to provide balanced hydration.

Helps reduce excess sebum on the skin surface.

Quickly penetrates the skin and leaves an immediate sensation of freshness.

Suitable for sensitive skin and prone to acne.

Helps reveal beautiful and healthy skin.

Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera, Coconut oil fatty acid, fermented sugar, Tween 80, Nutmeg Extract, Canola extract, Emulsifying wax, Glycerine (vegetable source), Xanthan gum, Cyclomethicone, Vitamin E, Germal, Borax, EDTA, Natural Orange Essence.