Dermamour Moisturizer

Many women working in the office or sitting at home do not realize that their skin is exposed to constant danger. Our skin suffers daily from moisture loss and all day long the skin becomes dehydrated. This means that the processes of decay and wrinkles occur ten times faster. Dermamour is natural Revitalizing Therapy which provides you necessary hydration anytime, anywhere & protects you from environmental hazards by going skin deep.

(Available in 65ml. Good for12 months after opening).

Product Description

Dermamour is an all-day moisturizer for women who seek naturally revitalizing skin solution. natural ingredients go skin deep without harming the natural makeup of your skin.

Dermamour has light texture which favors the skin to absorb and retain moisture in the skin.

Dermamour contains natural ingredients providing many benefits to skin. Particularly, the goodness of jojoba oil, richness of coconut extracts, blemish control properties of aloe vera & silk extract, and natural cosmetic properties of olive oil help recover lost moisture leaving skin hydrated all day. Dermamour is rich in vitamin E and other substances capable of retaining moisture on the skin. Its 100% revitalizing therapy not only prevents the skin from losing moisture but also provide the amount of water required for proper functioning of cells by operating in the deep layers of the skin.


The 100% moisturizing treatment help reducing dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and restores youthfulness leaving skin supple.

Keeps the skin soft also helps replenish it against environmental aggressors.

A harmonious blend of moisturizing ingredients actively nourishes the skin with moisture and helps prevent premature aging, tones the skin prone to dryness.

A harmonious blend of moisturizing ingredients actively nourishes the skin with moisture and helps prevent premature aging, tones the skin prone to dryness.

Helps to restore the water balance of the skin, restores its natural elasticity, health, & color of skin by providing optimum moisture distribution in the different layers of the skin.

The perfect size of the tube makes it possible to always carry it with you, and provide skin care at any time convenient for you.

Key Ingredients

Jojoba Oil : Key active ingredient provides efficient protection from harsh UV rays and fights signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. It also minimize pore size, manage oil release eventually helps prevent acne.

Silk Extracts : Powerful antioxidants and amino acids repair skin cells, promote cell regeneration and condition the skin for improved elasticity and resilience. Makes skin smoother, softer.

Beeswax : Protects skin from environmental hazards,helps skin breath, Prevents Itching, reduces risk of contamination and keeps skin cleanand healthy.

Shea Butter : Helps healing and restore skin elasticity.

Fractioned Coconut Oil : Conditions skin & gives silky feel.

AloeVera : Lightens the skin, treats sunburn & keeps skin young and healthy.

Almond Oil : Improves skin complexion, retain healthy glow & relieve irritated and dry skin.

Olive Oil : Protect from premature skin aging, acts as skin healing agent, and makes skin healthy, shiny, and glowing.

Application/How to Use

Dab few drops of Dermamour around the face and gently massage face in upward and outward stroking motions.

When to Use

Twice daily after cleansing (and treatment, if required).

Skin Type

For all Skin types

Silk Extract Benefits

Enhance the enigma of the skin

Promote cell regeneration and promote smoothing of wrinkles moisturizing well

Provide an active sun protection and skin whitening effect, making skin soft to touch and tempting to watch

Jojoba Oil Benefits

Minimize pore size, manage oil release eventually helps prevent acne

Aid to decreasing inflammation caused by dryness

Provide efficient protection sun and fights signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles

Almond Oil Benefits

Improves skin complexion and retain healthy glow

Relieve irritated and dry skin

Moisturize deep and better

Makes skin smoother and softer

Fractioned Coconut Oil Benefits

Conditions skin by providing protective layer which helps lock moisture

Gives silky feel

Shea Butter Benefits

Contain healing qualities

Restore skin elasticity

Provide sun protection

AloeVera Benefits

Lightens the skin

Fights gaining and keeps skin young and healthy

Prevents Sunburn

Prevents Acne

Beeswax Benefits

Helps skin Breath

Its protective layer protects skin from environmental hazards

Reduces risk of contamination and keeps skin clean

Prevents Itching

Olive Oil Benefits

Protect skin from premature aging because of its Antioxidant Properties

Helps soften dry skin

Acts as skin healing agent

Makes skin healthy and glowing